Lifting & Safety Seminars

Dailey Supply offers Lifting & Safety seminars designed to educate employees on safe practices when working with lifting devices. The seminars review recommended usage of lifting devices such as chain, wire rope, synthetic slings, eye bolts, and hoist rings. Attendees will learn not only how to safety operate a variety of lifting devices, but also how to correctly inspect equipment prior to use. The seminars typically run 45-60 minutes. We also conduct customized training programs that review devices as requested. 

Reference material including capacity charts and inspection criteria is provided to each attendee.

For more information about Lifting & Safety seminars or to request a customized training program, contact Dailey Supply.

Inspection / Compliance Services

Regulations from the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) and standards the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) govern the use, inspection, and when necessary, the removal from service of lifting devices. These standards cover not only the physical condition (breakage, wear, etc.), but also the presence of identifiable information, often including a serial number, WLL, or other information pertaining to a particular device.
All below the hook devices are required to be inspected on a daily (pre-use), frequent, and periodic schedule, with a documented annual inspection.

Dailey Supply can perform monthly, quarterly, or annual inspections, to OSHA & ASME standards, of all below the hook devices in your facility. We provide a thorough inspection report, allowing you to address areas of concern to ensure on-going compliance with OSHA & ASME. 

Contact us to schedule an on-site evaluation and to discuss your inspection and compliance needs.

Repair Service

Many lifting devices such as chain slings, clamps and magnets can often be repaired and/or re-certified if damaged for far less than the cost to replace. Contact Dailey Supply to see if your devices qualify for repair.